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Wine, Women & Wellness Masterclass (Part 3)

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General CE
Basic Sciences |  Philosophy |  Wellness
Carol Banyas, MD, PhD |  Shawn Powers, DC, BSN |  Tatiana Habanova, DC, DACNB
2 Hours
Audio and Video
Access till 09/30/2022 after purchase.


We know you have been working overtime with your to-do-lists, family and patients. Our 3 Guest Speakers have been selected to offer you Two Hours of CE* in this Masterclass. You will get an oasis of resources to nourish your practice and prosperity. This is a powerful time to make deep inquiries into your own self-care and how you can then help your patients as well.

The Alarming Rise in Depression and Anxiety: Crisis and Finding New Ways To Heal

Speaker: Carol Banyas MD

  • From nervousness to mental health disorders. Impact of COVID-19.

  • The emergence of psychiatric symptoms during and post COVID infection.  The long haulers.

  • Are there alternatives to SSRI's and benzodiazepines?

Uncovering Brain Fog and How to Banish It after Brain Injury

Speaker: Tatiana Habanova DC, DACNB

  • Define Brain Fog using Functional Neurology and  Functional Medicine  

  • Illustrate the Cognitive, Physical and Limbic Effects of brain fog

  • List various causes (mTBI, Autoimmune, etc) 
  • Introduce the 3 Neuro Necessities Framework  (oxygen, fuel, stimulation) & expand on each 

  • Brief review of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology

  • Outline metabolic vs neurologic brain fog 
  • Identify brain fog triggers and triggering events

Science, Research, and Communication:  The Chiropractic Role in World Health

Speaker: Shawn Powers DC, BSN

  • Current state of world health 

  • Research and its impact on chiropractic care

  • Salutogenesis vs. pathogenesis

  • Scope of practice and procedures for public health and safety 

  • Standards of care 

  • Communication for better patient outcomes and relationships with health care providers

Let’s continue to link arms and move into this next chapter with inspired self-care regimens and community.​​

+ Bring a yummy drink and your beautiful face to this Zoom event - we will be setting intentional space together.

+ And of course we'll open it up for a deep dive Q&A session toward the end so bring your biggest Qs!



Carol Banyas, MD, PhD's Profile

Carol Banyas, MD, PhD Related seminars and products

Dr. Carol Banyas is a unique physician, psychiatrist, teacher, and healer.  She has dedicated her life and career to practicing traditional, eastern, and functional medicine and psychiatry with a focus on natural supplementation that caters to natural healing, longevity, and resilience of the human body. She is a pioneer in the new paradigm of healing in the Psychiatric, Medical, and Psycho-therapeutic communities by synthesizing traditional medical understanding with the deeper cause of disease.

Dr. Banyas believes that people must be given back the power to take charge of their own well-being ~ a power that is often taken from them by systems of healthcare, which foster dependence.  It has been traditionally thought that people should depend on doctors to do their healing.  In this new paradigm, the healer becomes more like a spiritual guide, showing the potential routes to wellness, enabled by their own innate resources of healing, knowledge, and inner wisdom.

Dr. Banyas has a private practice in Danville, Ca. where she specializes in Integrative Psychiatry and offers natural treatments in place of medications, Age Management Medicine with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and Energy Medicine with intuitive hands-on healing.therapies.  

Shawn Powers, DC, BSN's Profile

Shawn Powers, DC, BSN Related seminars and products

I am here to teach, coach and mentor you to immediately improve your practice and life.

I know the pain and frustration of life not going the way you expect. More importantly I know how you can turn it around and create the personal and professional success,fast.

I am madly in love with chiropractic and deeply passionate and committed to your success. I’m living the life I love and that’s what I want for you.

I’ve been preparing to work with you all of my life. After a terrible associate experience, I swore I would never work for anyone. I found myself in my own practice, struggling, feeling like a failure. Working as a nurse to supplement my struggling practice, I was awake most nights, worried about money, doubtful about chiropractic and wondering if I made the right decision. I was at an all-time low.

Everything changed when I made one of the best decisions of my life and hired my first coach.

I learned a million-dollar lesson: with the right systems, coach and mentors your success will always exceed that which is achieved alone. I got off the rollercoaster, grew my practice and most importantly it gave me the freedom of time, money and energy to live the life I had always dreamed of.

Because of my success, I am honored to speak at worldwide chiropractic events, teaching and coaching others how to run wildly successful family practices.

Investing in countless chiropractic, success, business and communication consultants, coaches and mentors over the years makes me one of the best chiropractors, mentor and coach.

I am in love with chiropractic and involved. I have founded multiple family practices, the Chiropractic Warriors, co-founder and chapter chair of the League of Chiropractic Women. I have held executive positions in state organizations, WCWC, Royal Chiropractic Knights, and was twice recognized as Chiropractor of the Year.

Tatiana Habanova, DC, DACNB's Profile

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Clinical Director

Palm Beach Brain Center and Carrick Institute

Dr. Tatiana Habanova is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist  practicing in Wellington, Florida. She is the Clinical Director of Palm Beach  Brain Center, a premier state of the art NeuroPerformance and Concussion  Clinic providing non-invasive Brain-Based healthcare using a Functional  Neurology approach. During the Winter Equestrian Festival, Olympians,  professional riders and adult amateurs from all over the world flock to  Wellington to compete in the 16 week circuit and to work with Dr. Habanova  in neuroperformance training and concussion rehabilitation.

Dr. Habanova  is very passionate about women’s brain health and mentors women in their  brain healing journey This stems from her own struggles recovering from  three brain injuries (viral meningitis and two concussions) upon which she  vowed to set a new standard in women’s brain health recovery and  optimization.

She is the host of Brain Health Savvy, a weekly podcast which  inspires listeners with real conversations between Dr. Habanova and other  brain health experts and highlights fierce unapologetic women who are  trailblazing their way to better brain health.

Dr. Habanova also hosts The 4  Days of Discovery - Turning Brain Fog into Boosted Brain Function and the  annual Women’s Brain Health Virtual Summit.



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