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Wine, Women & Wellness Masterclass (Part 1)

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Dr. Liz Lyster, MD, OB/GYN |  Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist |  Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O.
1 Hour 34 Minutes
Audio and Video
Access till 05/31/2022 after purchase.


JOIN US for CalChiro's first women focused event on Friday, June 18th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm PDT.

We know you have been working overtime with your to-do-lists, family and patients. Our 3 Guest Speakers from the San Francisco Bay Area have been selected to offer you One Hour CE* in this Masterclass. You will get an oasis of resources to nourish your practice and prosperity. This is a powerful time to make deep inquiries into your own self-care and how you can then help your patients as well.

Price: $19.97

Low Sex Drive in Women: Is It Inevitable?
Speaker: Dr. Liz Lyster, MD, Ob/Gyn

  • Libido is not just about sex! How does your libido affect your A-game?
  • Evidence-based research shows that hormone replacement therapy may be safely used to counteract these changes.
  • Integrative care among women providers can help patients (and themselves) address low libido and/or sense of well-being using both pharmacologic and non-medical approaches.

Sound the Alarm! 93% of Americans Have Tested Positive For It
Speaker: Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist

  • What is glyphosate and why should you care?
  • The shocking beverages and foods that its lurking in.
  • How to remove it & heal your body from the damage it's done to your microbiome and brain.
  • Become a smart consumer: How to know if a product is glyphosate free + glyphosate free brands to fill your cupboards with!

The Brain, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Vagus Nerve Unmasked
Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O.

  • Learn powerful evidence-based ways to reduce anxiety and depression by 50% in a matter of weeks!
  • Explore the importance of the fluids of the brain and how to enhance their circulation.
  • Engage in neuro-regenerative practices to build new neural pathways.
  • Innovative strategies to maintain mental clarity, enhance your intuition and increase ingenuity.

Let’s continue to link arms and move into this next chapter with inspired self-care regimens and community.​​

+ TGIF!! This is a Friday Night event - let's rest and unwind after a long week while soaking up some nourishing sisterhood.

+ Bring a yummy drink and your beautiful face to this Zoom event - we will be setting intentional space together.

+ And of course we'll open it up for a deep dive Q&A session toward the end so bring your biggest Qs!

*Approved for 1 general (wellness) Interactive Video Conference CE hour by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-21-06-05075.




Dr. Liz Lyster, MD, OB/GYN's Profile

Dr. Liz Lyster, MD, OB/GYN Related seminars and products

Dr. Liz Lyster, Midlife Health Expert, is passionate about helping women and men feel their best so they can do their best.

As a Board Certified OB/GYN doctor for 30 years, Dr. Liz has helped women and men increase energy, reignite their sex drive, clear up hormonal imbalance, and lose hundreds of pounds. She is the author of several books, including “Dr. Liz’s Easy Guide to Menopause: 5 Simple Steps to Balancing Your Hormones and Feeling Like Yourself Again” and the International Bestseller “Go for GREAT: Dr. Liz’s Guide to Thrive at Every Age”.

After graduating from Cornell University with honors, Dr. Liz went to medical school at the University of California, Irvine, followed by her OB/GYN residency in Los Angeles. To expand her commitment to teaching, Dr. Liz got a Masters of Public Health degree from UCLA in Community Health Education. In addition to her private medical practice, Dr. Liz also currently teaches part-time at a local university in her area.

Dr. Liz walks her own talk. To model growing older with grace, agility and power, Dr. Liz celebrated turning 50 a few years ago by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. She is a continuous learner, having logged thousands of hours as a leader, participant, or volunteer in personal development programs since the age of 19. She is the mom of two adult sons, and enjoys hiking and Argentine tango dancing with her husband.

Dr. Liz is dedicated to people expanding their idea of optimal health beyond medicine to include nutrition, physical activity, and spirit.

Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist's Profile

Christine Fitzgerald, Nutritionist Related seminars and products


SmartVine Wine

Nutritionist Christine Fitzgerald is the founder and creator of Keto friendly SmartVine Wine

Having spent her childhood as an award-winning competitive gymnast training for the Olympics she quickly discovered the connection between healthy eating and a healthy body and mind.

At the age of 20 she was diagnosed as a menopausal woman and told she couldn’t have children. She had every symptom that menopause brings from hot flashes, to night sweats, mood swings, her hair was falling out, weight fluctuations, skin problems and she was aging rapidly.

This led her to having a thriving nutrition practice for over 20yrs where she helped thousands of her clients to erase menopausal symptoms, lose the weight and keep it off, write two personal development and nutrition books, obtain a Master’s degree in Nutrition and become a Certified Nutritionist.

Personally, Christine is married and the proud mom of a 2yr little girl. "Being a mom is incredible! Watching my daughter learn and challenge herself everyday inspires me."

Be well, eat well, drink well, LIVE WELL!

Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O.'s Profile

Dr. Jacqueline Chan, D.O. Related seminars and products

What happens when a holistic healer becomes an Integrative Medical doctor?


"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."

Jacqueline Chan’s spiritual journey and her interest in health and healing both began early in life, and they are inseparable in her practice of Integrative Medicine.

“Health means more than the absence of dis-ease. Optimal health includes operating out of the highest expression of our soul’s purpose. 

“I experience healing in a hands-on way––quite literally. I was drawn to Osteopathic Medicine because its holistic and individualized approach supports integrative methodologies as well as a spiritual view of health. Osteopaths receive the same full medical training of an M.D., with additional training in musculoskeletal manipulation and in a whole-person approach to consultation, diagnosis, and practice. 

“The body intuitively wants to heal itself. My primary method is Orthomolecular Medicine, which prevents and treats disease by providing optimal nutrients natural to the body, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. I support the body’s biochemical processes and identify other issues such as toxin build-up in the body, stress, and hormonal imbalances.  I create integrative protocols to correct these impediments, and often optimize the body through osteopathic and cranialsacral adjustments. Patients report dramatic results from this comprehensive biochemical and energetic healing approach.

“I have had much success treating women’s hormonal health issues, chronic fatigue, environmental toxicity, and mood disorders. I help my patients find their health.”

Jacqueline Chan, D.O., has ten years experience as an integrative medical doctor and is a member of the prestigious Integrative Medical Group, CLEAR Center of Health, in Marin County. Dr. Chan is Board Certified in Family Practice, Holistic Medicine, and Neuromuscular and Skeletal Medicine. She is a member of American College for the Advancement of Medicine, American Holistic Medical Association, American Academy of Osteopathy, the Cranial Academy, and the American Osteopathic Association.

Her specialties

  • Women’s health
  • Bio Identical Hormone Balancing
  • Longevity Medicine
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Detoxification
  • Mood disorders
  • Osteopathic manipulation



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