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Russell Pate, CPED

The Shoe Doctor

For over 20 years, Russell Pate, as a Certified Pedorthist, has helped thousands of people with foot pain, balance and alignment issues. He has brought his message of prevention to the public with his Healthy Feet Educational Program. Russell and his company, The Shoe Doctor, have been featured in NBC, ABC, CBS news stories and many radio shows.  

His commonsense approach to preventing and discovering foot issues, before they become problems, has captured the attention of people from all walks of life. His message of “Treat of Feet as Good as Your Teeth” has made people more aware of the need for Healthy Feet Education and regular maintenance. Simple things regarding feet and shoes make a big difference over time. With his advanced training and state of the art 3D foot scanner, foot issues can be discovered early before becoming major foot problems, affecting one's mobility. The 3D scanner looks at the health of all three arches where most foot pains originate.

Russell has touched the life of thousands by getting them into proper shoes and/or custom computer made orthotics. On-their-feet occupations and professional athletics can benefit from Healthy Feet Education, as well as, those with diseases affecting balance and alignment.

Russell has delivered his interesting and entertaining Healthy Feet message to seniors, exercise groups, community groups, and corporations in California and Hawaii. Foot pain is not normal and can be easily prevented.

Russell was inspired to become a Certified Pedorthist after his father’s cancer treatments lead to diabetes. As a diabetic, lack of blood flow in his legs and feet slowed the healing process, making proper shoe and support critical. The chemotherapy used to eradicate the cancer also damages the nerves of his legs and feet. The nerve damage in his feet created challenges with balance and proper shoe fit and orthotics can assist with.

Russell has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara. During his college years, Russell worked as a surgical assistant in the operating room and assisted in thousands surgical procedures.  In 1997, Russell passed his Pedorthic Boards and has focused his practice on prevention in California and Hawaii. 

In this country, we have come so far with preventive care for our teeth, our bodies and our car. You should treat your feet as good as your teeth. 

You are two feet away from being a better you!