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Lynn Fraley, RN, BSN, MN, DrPH

Current Role

Lynn is a speaker and trainer, and currently completing her new book, Cherish the Girls, A Well-Rounded Approach to Breast Health and Wellness (Endless Energy Media, LLC, Fall, 2021).

Her life’s work has been to support women in learning more about prevention, self-management and access to different and more natural care options.


Raising a daughter is probably her greatest achievement, but next to that is the privilege of working in health care and being part of the movement for more natural, less invasive care measures that support healing. Completing a dissertation on acupressure for self-care was a major accomplishment.

Goals and aspirations

A current goal of Lynn’s is to help companies discover the benefits of thermography for breast imaging and if they don’t already, provide insurance coverage for thermograms as a benefit for their employees. Moving women towards a technology that can do no harm would be a significant achievement.

She would also like to see her new book become a best seller!