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Women's Masterclass: Technique 4 Women

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General CE |  Mandated CE
Basic Sciences |  Webinar |  Adjustive Technique |  History Taking & Physical Exam |  Wellness
Whitney Sippl, DPT |  Krista Burns, DC |  Dr. Anita Haque, DC |  Dr. Grace Lau, DC
2 hours
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Watch On-Demand CalChiro's women focused webinar, "Women's Masterclass: Technique 4 Women." 

We know you have been working overtime with your to-do-lists, family and patients. Our 4 Guest Speakers have been selected to offer you a combination of 2 hours of CE in this Masterclass. You will get an oasis of resources to nourish your practice and prosperity. This is a powerful time to make deep inquiries into your own self-care and how you can then help your patients as well.

Posture and Cognition: The Posture-Brain Connection for Better Cognitive Function

-- Krista Burns DC

  • What is posture, and what is cognition

  • Evidence-based research review of the correlation between posture and cognitive function 

  • The brain-posture neurologic connection

  • Overview of common postural distortion patterns

  • Posture rehabilitation clinical solutions


Adjusting the Shoulder Blades & Shoulders to Improve Posture

-- Anita Haque DC

  • Help your patients improve their posture through adjusting techniques from a small DC

  • Learn Dr. Anita’s step-by-step technique to pull back the shoulder blades for better posture

  • Improve your shoulder adjustments to help with posture effectively and gently

  • Watch Dr. Anita’s live demonstrations and adjusting tips to protect your body and promote longevity


NeuroEmotional Technique, Removing the Emotional Blocks to Healing and Personal Growth

-- Grace Lau DC

  • NET is only taught to practitioners with advanced health degrees

  • Discuss the acute and chronic stress pathways and approaches to dealing with each

  • Peer reviewed, journal published studies back NET and its results

  • How NeuroEmotional Technique changes the brain, improving function


Diastasis Recti

-- Whitney Sippl DPT

  • A review of diastasis recti anatomy

  • Discuss the signs & symptoms of diastasis recti

  • Evaluation of diastasis recti

  • Diastasis recti treatment


General with Topics Listed Distance Learning
Approved for 1 general (Basic Sciences, Wellness) Distance Learning CE hour(s) by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-23-05-05111, CA-A-23-05-05112.

Mandated Distance Learning

Approved for 1 mandated (Adjustive Technique, History Taking & Physical Exam) Distance Learning CE hour(s) by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-23-05-05109, CA-A-23-05-05110.



Whitney Sippl, DPT's Profile

Whitney Sippl, DPT Related seminars and products

Whitney is passionate about pre/postnatal care and believes physical therapy services during pregnancy and after delivery should be standard of care in the US, like it is in other countries.   She is devoted to promoting awareness, well being, and healing of her patients with a goal of empowering women during the prenatal and postnatal periods to address any of their discomforts or concerns.  Many women are told that symptoms such as incontinence, painful intercourse, scar pain, pelvic girdle/back pain, or abdominal separation are normal after having a baby; however, although these conditions may be common, they are not “normal” and there are many techniques available to address these concerns. 

She loves teaching women simple ways to take care of themselves while their bodies are changing during pregnancy and enjoys helping women heal and get their bodies back after their journey through pregnancy and childbirth.  She got to experience first hand how the body changes during pregnancy and after birth as she welcomed her daughter in April 2014 and son in June 2017.

She currently teaches a free "Prenatal & Postpartum Physical Health & Recovery Class" at various locations around Orange County every month, has two online courses available from the Prenatal & Postnatal Classes link and speaks regularly for moms groups in Orange County.

​Whitney is board certified as a women’s clinical specialist.  Originally from Wisconsin, she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and went on to pursue her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY, graduating at the top of the class with a 4.0 GPA.

​In her free time she enjoys playing beach volleyball, hiking, and traveling with her husband and two kids.

Krista Burns, DC's Profile

Krista Burns, DC Related seminars and products

American Posture Institute

Dr. Krista Burns is the founder of the American Posture Institute, author of the textbook The Posture Principles, and TEDx Speaker. Dr. Krista has two doctorate degrees and is leading the charge against postural decline as a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Doctor of Health Administration.  


She has been featured on media including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News Radio, and Global Woman Magazine, and prestigious stages including the World Congress of Neurology and Neurological Disorders and the World Congress of Falls and Postural Stability.  She was recognized as a Top 100 Doctor by the Global Summits Institute.   

Dr. Anita Haque, DC's Profile

Dr. Anita Haque, DC Related seminars and products

Haque Chiropractic Inc.

I am a licensed practicing Chiropractor for over 17 years. With my passion for exercise, fitness, natural health and education to the community, I am a leader in wellness and strive to add more value to the community and chiropractic profession.

Dr. Grace Lau, DC's Profile

Dr. Grace Lau, DC Related seminars and products

Vitality Chiropractic

Since I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a doctor to help people. I attended University of California, San Diego majoring in biochemistry and cell biology. My intent was to go to medical school. While at UCSD, I became very disillusioned with the practice of medicine. It seemed to be mostly about drugs and my fellow students did not appear caring, but calculated and cut-throat. I happened to take an anatomy class and met a few students heading to Chiropractic college. They were the nicest, most caring people! I became intrigued and asked what Chiropractic was about.

One of them introduced me to her Chiropractor. When I asked him what he did, he told me that he helped people. That was good, that's what I wanted to do, but how? Then he told me a story that changed my life. He told about one of his patients, an 8 year old boy who had juvenile diabetes. He had to take so much insulin that he was not able to go out and play (remember, this is before the pump).

After 2 months of care, he was on only 40% of the insulin! He could actually go places and play with his friends. This Doctor told me, this child will always be diabetic, but the difference is with Chiropractic care, he has been given his life back. That’s when I made my decision to go to Chiropractic school!