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Wine, Women & Wellness Masterclass (Part 4)

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Dr. Leslie A Hewitt, DC, FCCA |  Dr. Stacey Ann Duckett, DC |  Dr. Sandra J Hanna, DC LAc |  Dr. Dawn Preisendorf, MA, CNC, CHWC
2 hours
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"Take a pause, and join us for our discussion on Men-o-pause"

CalChiro's fourth women focused event.

We know you have been working overtime with your to-do-lists, family and patients. Our 4 Guest Speakers have been selected to offer you Two Hours of CE* in this Masterclass. You will get an oasis of resources to nourish your practice and prosperity. This is a powerful time to make deep inquiries into your own self-care and how you can then help your patients as well.


Menopausal Women Need Chiropractic Care

--Leslie Hewitt BA, DC, FCCA

  • Chiropractic care can help menopausal women because the Medical Model has failed them

  • 1.3 Million U.S. women enter menopause every year and they want holistic solutions

  • Menopause is not a choice for women - it's a fact of life between ages 45 to 55


Essential Oil Application for Women's Health & Stress

--Sandra Hanna DC, Lac

  • How to use aromatherapy as a quick bio-hack to create feelings of relaxation and ease in your life

  • Successful aromatherapy & acupressure combinations to help ease menopausal symptoms

  • Looking forward to sharing an essential oil application to transport women out of "menopausal hell" and into your state of bliss


Sensational Sleep: How to get it Restored for Menopausal Women

--Stacey Duckett DC, ACN

  • Why medications don't work for full restorative sleep but what does.

  • Easy to remember acronym R.E.S.T. to help your patients and yourself get better sleep

  • How to implement in your office to help patients improve their outcomes


Beyond Estrogen, Endocrine and GI Influences of Menopause with Nutrition Solutions

--Dawn Preisendorf MA, CNC, CHWC

  • Why it's important to look beyond estrogen to support women in menopause...and what to look at. 

  • The best labs to really understand what's happening

  • Natural and nutritional solutions to help women navigate menopause with ease


Let’s continue to link arms and move into this next chapter with inspired self-care regimens and community.​​

+ Bring a yummy drink and your beautiful face to this Zoom event - we will be setting intentional space together.

+ And of course we'll open it up for a deep dive Q&A session toward the end so bring your biggest Qs!



CE CREDIT: Approved for 2 general (Wellness) Distance Learning CE hours by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-22-03-03074.



Dr. Dawn Preisendorf, MA, CNC, CHWC's Profile

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New Dawn Wellness

Dawn Preisendorf, MA, CNC, CHWC is a certified nutritionist and health coach who is passionate about the healing power of food, healthy lifestyle practices, and nature-connection as pathways to restoring health. Dawn has studied functional nutrition and holistic health for 21 years; she has a master’s degree in nutrition and health education from John F. Kennedy University, and earned her health coach certification through Wellcoaches. In addition, Dawn has completed more than 100 hours of post-graduate nutrition education using a functional medicine approach. 


Dawn has a particular expertise in hormone balance and gut health. She combines principles of Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition to identify root causes of health problems, and helps people fully and naturally reclaim their vitality. Through working with Dawn, clients are able to solve health problems that have plagued them for months, if not decades.


Dawn is a national speaker who has taught and presented on more than 600 occasions. She also regularly guides people in nature-based wellness experiences. 


Outside of work, Dawn enjoys hiking, skiing, petting any friendly dog that comes her way, spending time with her partner, and potluck dinners.  


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