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Turning This Moment Into Momentum

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COVID-19 |  Practice Management
Russell Rosen, DC
1 Hour 05 Minutes
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Many of us were really rattled when this pandemic hit, but for most, it wasn’t because of the potential for infection. The real reason that many doctors have been so thrown off by this global event has to do with the fact that we thought our patients understood the value of our care and saw it as a vital part of their healthcare. Instead, the majority of doctors saw widespread cancellations. Or if they were required to close their offices, few patients protested. Now, these doctors sit alone in their homes, or in dwindling practices, terrified at the reality that they have never been valued the way they thought they were, and they have no idea what to do now!


On the other hand, there are doctors who have patients literally begging to see them because they truly "get" what those doctors do and how those doctors can help their communities. If their offices are presently closed, their patients flood the office inbox with questions about reopening, emergency care, and how to get to the front of the line because they understand the immense value of care.


In this webinar we will dive deep into:

  • The headspace and procedures that will help doctors take the appropriate steps to not only survive this pandemic, but to use it to build momentum and create the kinds of patient relationships they thought they already had.

  • Headspace issues like determining when and in what capacity doctors should be in their offices (assuming it is legal to go into their offices). Many doctors are torn by this issue. I will walk them through the seven questions they must ask themselves to help them find their truth and peace. There is no right answer for everyone.

  • The common themes between the offices that had patients begging them to stay open and continue seeing people. Those doctors had a very clear and simple message for their patients. They also knew how to communicate it in a way that their patients really got!

  • The most common challenges my personal coaching clients have been having and what solutions we have found to completely change things around for them.




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The Optimal Health Chiropractic System

A dynamic and passionate chiropractor, author, international coach, educator and speaker, Russ ran one of the most successful wellness practices in Maui Hawaii for 14 years. Dr. Rosen is best known for his “Patient Care” vs. “Patient Scare” Wellness Communication systems. He served as Lead Author and Director of Dr. Patrick Gentempo’s Creating Wellness Management System. Dr. Rosen is the proud recipient of CLA/CWA’s 2007 “Lifetime Achievement” award. Since 2001 Russ has helped hundreds of doctors thrive in a True Optimal-Health model and is CEO of The Optimal Health Chiropractic System and has been coaching Chiropractors to thrive in a care vs. scare true optimal health model since 2000. is an Online University format which walks you through the 5 systems you must implement if you want to Thrive in such a model! We also have group coaching and private coaching to meet all of your needs!