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The Five Secrets to Running a Low-Overhead, High Profit, Stress-Free Practice, 4/2/2020 12:00:00 AM PDT, On Demand More info »
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The Five Secrets to Running a Low-Overhead, High Profit, Stress-Free Practice

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Margie Smith, DC
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We became chiropractors to help people. More than ever, the obstacles against us in practice continue to grow. Huge student loan debts...low salaries for associates...difficulty obtaining start up reimbursements at an all-time is a chiropractor supposed to even begin to “make it” in practice today? Here’s learning a simple model that will completely change the way we running a MicroPractice. Don’t be fooled - “micro” doesn’t mean it’s less of a practice than a traditional chiropractic office. Instead, “micro” refers to the size of the stress associated - which is far less than a traditional practice. Join Dr. Margie Smith as she introduces this practice model and shares the top five ways you can run this low-overhead, stress-free, highly profitable practice today!



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The Micropractice

Dr. Margie Smith’s chiropractic career includes owning three chiropractic practices across the country and as the Director of Business Development at Cash Practice Systems. It’s through her vast experience that she has created excitement behind a new model in chiropractic practice – The MicroPractice, which is helping chiropractors simplify their practice, boost their profits, and reduce their stress.


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