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The Psychological and Clinical Aspects of Patient Care

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Principles of Practice
James Naccarato, DC, PhD
1 Hour 43 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Before starting this On Demand Program please DOWNLOAD and PRINT the handout found under the blue "Handout Button". This is an interactive program and you will have time in between each segment to work on your handout. You may also pause the recording if you need more time. 


The course is designed so that the doctor will watch a single video and then answer the following three questions before moving on to the corresponding written assignment that can be found under handouts for this course:

  • What’s the main point?
  • How does this apply to me?
  • How will I apply this to my situation today?

They are then presented with the corresponding section from the handout and asked the following three questions:

  • What's one thing I will stop doing?
  • What's one thing I will keep doing?
  • What's one thing I will start doing?




James Naccarato, DC, PhD's Profile

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The Naccarato Leadership Center-Realigned Practice

Dr. Naccarato has been helping doctors build successful practices since 1991 and was named one of the top five management coaches by the California Chiropractor's Association. He has accumulated over 29 years and 58,000 hours of personal coaching experience. He has spoken for the Chiropractic Associations of California, Utah, Idaho, Iowa, Texas, New Jersey, and Kansas. He has also spoken at the CCA's Best of Management seminars and has his own seminar series which includes The First Two Weeks of Care, Internal Marketing, and External Marketing.


Dr. Naccarato is the founder of The Realigned Practice, the Personal Coaching Program, and the Weekly Email-Coaching Program. He is the developer of The Inner-Circle Approach to Practice Building and has authored several books, including: Principle-Centered Practice Building, The Psychology of Succeeding in Practice: What Every Doctor Must Know, and The Key Indicators of Success and Prosperity for Chiropractors.


Dr. Naccarato owned Naccarato Chiropractic in San Luis Obispo, California and was co-owner and manager of a multi-doctor chiropractic clinic. Before becoming a chiropractor and personal success coach, he was a marketing representative for Weidner Communications, a member of Success Technologies, and a contributing author of Achieving the Balance by Leo Weidner.


Dr. Jim Naccarato has a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in Psychology, and is also a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.


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