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The Hypotonic Child - Discussion on Benign Congenital Hypotonia (BCH)

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Drs. Hayley and Brianna Maginness
1 Hour 49 Minutes
Audio and Video
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In this presentation, we will discuss the importance of the early diagnosis of Benign Congenital Hypotonia (BCH) and the long term clinical implications of the delayed diagnosis of this condition. We will detail the medical approach, as well as, the essential role of chiropractic in the management of BCH and the ‘red flags’ for practitioners to look out for. Also we will review the examination and treatment (including video demonstrations), scheduling and prognosis using our very own patients.

This talk is not designed to make you an expert in Hypotonia but the focus is to increase your knowledge about the condition, learn how to diagnose it early and learn how to correctly manage or co-manage this condition. 


General Distance Learning

Approved for 2 general Distance Learning CE hour(s) by the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners: CA-A-21-07-06121.


Drs. Hayley and Brianna Maginness's Profile

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Dr. Hayley Maginness and Dr. Brianna Maginness are chiropractic graduates from Melbourne, Australia. They are from a family of chiropractors with their father, two uncles, and two cousins all proud members of this wonderful profession.

Dr. Hayley and Dr. Brianna are co-developers of Elevate Pediatrics and have each completed over 160 hours of post-graduate pediatric education and every day provide email and phone support to members of the chiropractic profession on pediatric related issues. They have held numerous presentations to all manner of audiences in the last few years and have also spoken via numerous zoom webinars to hundreds of new graduates as well as experienced chiropractors on all things pediatric.

Both Dr. Hayley and Dr. Brianna run a very busy practice in Mt.Eliza, Australia with their father Glenn, where over 80% of their patients are infants and children.



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