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The Biomechanics of Physical Activity

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Dr. Benjamin W Griffes, DC
2 Hours
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The focus of this course is to examine the underlying causes of injury and the role of the chiropractor to identify and educate the patient on proper body biomechanics, in order to prevent injuries and improve performance. Topics to be reviewed:

  • How to identify the best technique for maximum sport performance
  • Offer analysis of proper body loading to determine the safest way to perform a particular sport or exercise
  • Evaluate proper muscular recruitment and loading
  • Offer analysis of sport and exercise equipment
  • Role of the Chiropractor as physician and coach


IMPORTANT: This program is only availble for Distance Learning CE hours.



Dr. Benjamin W Griffes, DC's Profile

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Benjamin W Griffes

Dr. Griffes has been a chiropractor and member of CalChiro since 1991.  Additionally, he was trained as a Hellerwork Practitioner, a form of deep-tissue bodywork and movement education in 1981, and earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Sports Medicine from Cal State-Northridge in 1986.

Dr. Griffes practices in Tarzana and Thousand Oaks, and has been the team doctor for collegiate cycling, high school track, basketball and volleyball, along with coaching youth soccer and youth track.  He is the author of Stretching for Life, the easiest book on stretching you will ever use.


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