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The What - 12 Steps of Functional Health Recovery

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Functional Health
Bill Hemmer
1 Hour
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This on demand program was produced by the Illinois Chiropractic Society.


Dr. Hemmer will provide the vision of the future of Functional Health Recovery and how anyone can play a part in this future.  Patients know our current healthcare system doesn’t work and it becomes your duty to provide them with a reasonable alternative.  Then we will finish the series by describing steps 9 through 12.  These steps allow the patient to master their own personal health challenges and then begin to build a community around the idea of becoming their own healthcare provider.


Dr. Hemmer originally presented this course on February 6, 2018, and it is sponsored by Standard Process.




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DC, President

Tuscola Pain & Wellness Center

In 1996, Dr Bill Hemmer brought his wife and young family to Tuscola. This was his 5th practice he had opened in less than 8 years. Small town living appealed to him and he decided Tuscola was the place he wanted to raise his family.

More than 20 years and 25 thousand patient visits later, Dr. Bill has refined his approach and has created a complete Customized Health Recovery Program that anyone with a pulse can take advantage of.

Combining Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Health Coaching and Whole Food Nutritional Supplements, the Tuscola Pain & Wellness Center is positioned to become the model of the Evolution of Medicine for the future.



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Total Reviews: 72


Amelia C - Chicago, Illinois

"Thank you"

Steve A - Chicago, Illinois

"it was called 12 steps, but where are the 12 steps? It seemed to start at 9?"

Petrina J - Carol Stream, Illinois


Kelly Astrid M - Chicago, Illinois

"Great series -- thank you!"

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