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Progress in Neuroscience: A Chiropractors Dream

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Heidi Haavik, DC, PhD
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The CalChiro Orange County District presents "Progress in Neuroscience; A Chiropractors Dream"

Dr. Heidi Haavik, a chiropractor and PhD trained neurophysiologist, is one of the most popular chiropractic speakers in the world today. Director of Research at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Dr Haavik is best known for her ground-breaking research on the impact of chiropractic adjustments on the brain and central nervous system. What is becoming clear from scientific studies is that spinal (dys-) function negatively impacts brain function, and that chiropractic adjustments can reverse this. Major shifts are occurring in neuroscience, including a new understanding about the impacts of stress and emotional trauma on the brain, body and health and a new understanding about the major role of the brain in maintaining chronic musculoskeletal pain. Both of these new research areas are congruent with the latest developments within our understanding of how important the spine is for proper brain function.  One particular part of the brain that we now know we impact when we adjust the spine is the prefrontal cortex. This literally is the Chiropractors Dream, because the prefrontal cortex is vital for one’s intelligence, movement control, pain processing, mental health, immune system, endocrine system and inflammation (thus most chronic diseases)! Dr. Haavik will explain all of this to you in an easy to understand language.  She will share with you a summary of where we are at today with the neurophysiological understanding of the impact of spinal function on brain function, and will discuss what future implications this has for us as a profession.

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Heidi Haavik, DC, PhD's Profile

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Dr Heidi Haavik is a chiropractor and a neurophysiologist who has worked in the area of human neuropsychology for over 15 years. Heidi has a PhD in human neurophysiology from the University of Auckland. She was named Chiropractor of the year in 2007 by both the New Zealand Chiropractic Association and the New Zealand College of Chiropractic Alumni Association. 

As a researcher, she has investigated the effects of chiropractic adjustments of dysfunctional spinal segments (vertebral subluxations) on somatosensory processing, sensorimotor integration and motor cortical output. 

Dr Haavik has received numerous research awards and has published a number of papers in chiropractic and neurophysiology journals. She has presented her work to both chiropractic and neuroscience communities around Australasia, North America and Europe. She is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics and Journal of Chiropractic Education.


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