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PPP “FREE Money? Maybe!” Mastering the May 22nd Updated SBA Forgiveness Guidelines and Rules

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COVID-19 |  Loans & Taxes
Don Rasmussen, CAP, CTC, CPFP |  Nick Hebert
59 Minutes
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Don Rasmussen and Nick Hebert from Chirotaxpro/Quartermaster Tax will be explaining the NEW instructions from the SBA that only a math major could love! In this 1-hour webinar they will review:

  • Computing payroll costs including retirement plans, healthcare and bonuses
  • Understanding the FTE ratio and supporting rules
  • Understanding the salary reduction rules
  • The interplay between the FTE and salary reduction rules
  • The rehiring and salary safe-havens
  • Strategies to enhance PPP forgiveness



Don Rasmussen, CAP, CTC, CPFP's Profile

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Quartermaster Tax Management

Don, Certified Tax Coach (CTC) and is a seasoned tax reduction strategist having worked with individuals, businesses and charities around the United States for more than 29 years. He has guided them to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, maximize their tax efficiency, lower their taxes, and find money falling through the cracks in their current tax planning.


Don is a sought after speaker on tax & financial issues and is a featured contributor to Fox Business and The Slott Report.


Specializing in tax reduction, planning and management, Don finds solutions to all his clients’ tax planning needs. He is committed to protecting their financial security while upholding the highest standards of ethics, providing them with comprehensive information, and an exemplary customer service experience.


When he’s not in the office, Don enjoys spending time with his wife Joanne and their three children.  He also enjoys golf, skiing, participating in charity work and church activities.

Nick Hebert's Profile

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Chief Human Resources Officer

Quartermaster Tax Management