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Managing the Pediatric Patient - Handy Hints

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Adjustive Technique
Glenn Maginness, DC, MCSci (Paeds) |  Hayley Maginness, DC
1 Hour 38 Minutes
Audio and Video
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CalChiro Orange County District Presents: "Managing the Pediatric Patient - Handy Hints"


Chiropractors who attend this on demand program will have:
•    Gained a greater understanding of both manual and drop piece adjusting techniques for both the neonate and baby, as well as the toddler and older child
•    Improved their examination and adjustment skills, and as a result feel more confident in their management of the pediatric patient
•    A variety of adjustment options available to them when confronted with a pediatric patient 
•    An appreciation of the importance of flexibility with the management approach, depending on the age, size and the patient's unique spinal problem
•    A firm understanding of how to confidently assess and adjust infants and toddlers
•    Gained increased competence and confidence when examining the pediatric patient


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Gold Sponsor: Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.

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Bronze Sponsor: Pledge Medical



Glenn Maginness, DC, MCSci (Paeds)'s Profile

Glenn Maginness, DC, MCSci (Paeds) Related seminars and products

• He has also held over 40 of his own pediatric focused seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the U.K. (England and Scotland) over the last 14 years.

• He is the creator of the online pediatric program Elevate Pediatrics, which is currently teaching chiropractors from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K., the U.S. and Canada how to improve their pediatric examining and adjusting skills. 

• He is still practicing in Mt Eliza (Melbourne, Australia), and since 2002 has been a true pediatric chiropractor, seeing only children as patients.

Hayley Maginness, DC's Profile

Hayley Maginness, DC Related seminars and products

Dr. Hayley Maginness is a chiropractic graduate from Melbourne, Australia. She is from a family of chiropractors with her father and sister, two uncles, and two cousins all proud members of this wonderful profession. 

Hayley has completed over 160 hours of post graduate pediatric education and every day provides email and phone support to members of the chiropractic profession on pediatric related issues. 

Hayley has also held a number of zoom based presentations for chiropractors and chiropractic students where she discusses chiropractic pediatric related subjects. 

Dr Hayley is one of the developers of the online pediatric program Elevate Pediatrics, ( ) which was launched in 2019, which is specifically designed to address all aspects of the pediatric experience, including the assessment, adjustment and management of the pediatric patient. 

Dr Hayley runs a very busy practice in Mt.Eliza, Australia, where over 40% of her patients are infants and children.



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