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Make Sense of the HIPAA Risk Analysis

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HIPAA Risk Analysis
Jeff Brown, DC
1 Hour 06 Minutes
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The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) has partnered with HIPAAmate to present, Make Sense of the HIPAA Risk Analysis Webinar. The Office of Civil Rights ("HIPAA Police") said 86% of providers are not doing a Risk Analysis correctly. Let Dr. Jeff Brown, CEO of HIPAAmate, show you how to conduct a proper HIPAA Security Risk Analysis so you aren't among the 86%. More importantly, Dr. Jeff will clarify what a "risk assessment" is, and why it's NOT something you want to be doing. The webinar will also review:

  • The difference between a HIPAA Risk Analysis and a risk assessment using the Office of Civil Rights April, 2018 Cybersecurity Newsletter. 
  • Review at O.C.R. Phase 2 Audit results from 2016-2017. 
  • Explain how to distinguish a true Risk Analysis from the non-required risk assessment.
  • Cover the five required steps of a bonafide HIPAA Risk Analysis, including: workforce and business associates, scope, threats and vulnerabilities, risk determination, and report.
  • Cover the nine elements of a properly executed Risk Analysis Report.




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