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Don’t Give Up Insurance! Just Build a Killer Cash-Based Practice on the Side

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Miles Bodzin, DC |  Holly Jensen
1 Hour 05 Minutes
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Insurance reimbursements are at an all-time low while deductibles are at an all-time high. Chiropractors need to arm themselves more than ever to collect more cash from their patients without giving up insurance. Join Dr. Miles Bodzin & Holly Jensen as they share the successful methods, systems, and strategies they have refined over the last two decades.

Attendees will walk away with practical action steps to implement into their practice right away and have their best year in business yet!



Miles Bodzin, DC's Profile

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Cash Practice® Systems

A big part of Dr. Bodzin's success was the result of developing systems that removed the obstacles to patient compliance. This allowed patients the greatest opportunity to complete their treatment plans with the best clinical outcomes possible and with extraordinarily high retention...twenty-four times the national average!

 After leaving the study of electrical engineering, Dr. Bodzin became a chiropractor. For nearly two decades, he ran a very successful high-retention wellness practice. He now brings his expertise and knowledge to thousands of chiropractors through his speaking, writing, and the software systems that his company, Cash Practice® Systems provides.

Holly Jensen's Profile

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Chief Operations Officer

Cash Practice® Systems

Holly Jensen worked her way up from Front Desk CA to Office Manager where she oversaw the operations of Dr. Miles Bodzin’s Chiropractic Wellness Center in San Diego, CA, to an accomplished presenter. She is not only an expert on the topic but a joy to listen to and learn from.

 It was her time working in the trenches of Dr. Bodzin’s office where she mastered the fine art of cash collections and many other aspects of running a successful cash-based practice.

 With all her experience and knowledge gained from running Dr. Bodzin’s cash-based practice, she began teaching seminars on running a successful practice. Her position eventually transitioned to her present role as Chief Operations Officer for Cash Practice® Systems, the software company founded by Dr. Bodzin, which provides chiropractors the software and training they need to grow a high-retention practice.



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