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Crooked Man and Fascia, 6/1/2020 12:00:00 AM PDT, On Demand More info »
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Crooked Man and Fascia

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Alan C. Smith, DC
50 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Fascia can be understood through the five primary kinetic chains. This course will educate and empower the practitioner to understand them and how to apply crooked man for the patient.  


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Dr. Alan runs a family based, subluxation centered cash practice to which he owes much of his success through the education vs. selling philosophy. His journey in practice is vast which includes; a multidisciplinary approach as well as an Atlas only approach to embrace the necessity and value of custom arch support. His energy and passion are apparent while living as congruent as he can in life and practice. Due to this, his patients become like family who know and trust the education and all that is recommended for their health journey.

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