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Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain & the Cranial Cervical Junction | Speaker: Sana Khan MD, PhD, 11/3/2020 12:00:00 AM PST ( + 8 more) , On Demand, More info »
Advancements in Personal Injury: Module IV, 11/14/2020 12:00:00 AM PST, Classroom More info »
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Advancements in Personal Injury: Module IV

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“Advanced Traumatic Head Injury Evaluation & Treatment Plus AMA Guidelines Overview”

A. Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain & the Cranio-Cervical Junction (1 Hour) Speaker: Sana Khan, MD, PhD, Radiologist 

  • Anatomy of the brain
  • Physiology of the brain
  • Importance of Cranio-Cervical Junction

B. Diagnostics & Traumatic Brain Injury (1 Hour) Speaker: Sana Khan, MD, PhD, Radiologist

  • Basic imaging techniques for post traumatic brain evaluation 
  • Advanced imaging techniques for post traumatic brain evaluation 
  • Additional diagnostic studies

C. Clinical Evaluation & Screening for Traumatic Brain Injury (2 Hours) Speaker: Huma Haider, M.D., Anesthesiologist / Neurocritical Care

  • Recognition and Screening of Concussion Injuries
  • Treatment Considerations
  • mTBI (mild) vs TBI (moderate/severe)

D. Traumatic Brain Injury: Psychological Issues Post Trauma (1 Hour) Speaker: Gennady Musher MD, Psychiatrist

  • Evaluation Considerations
  • Treatment Considerations
  • Specialty and Referral Pathways

E. Traumatic Brain Injury: Differential Diagnoses - What Else Could It Be? (1 Hour) Speaker: Yuri Furman, MD, Neurologist

  • Musculoskeletal 
  • Psychological 
  • Endocrinological

F. Dental and TMJ Trauma (1 Hour) Speaker: Shaun Daneshgar, DDS, Oral Surgeon

  • Evaluation of typical TMJ findings 
  • Cranial Nerve involvement
  • Treatment Considerations

G. TBI and AMA Impairment Ratings (1 Hour) Speakers: Yuri Furman, MD, Neurologist, Wayne Whalen DC, Eric Gofnung DC, Tom Grant DC 

  • Validation steps leading to impairment 
  • Clinical manifestations of TBI leading to significant AMA impairment ratings 
  • Importance of AMA impairment ratings in Med Legal cases



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