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Advancements in Personal Injury: Module II

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General CE |  Mandated CE
Ethics & Law |  Personal Injury
Joel Thomas, Esq |  Albert Abkarian, Esq |  Moussa Helo, Esq |  Kathy Nichols, Esq
6 Hours 35 Minutes
Audio and Video
Access till 03/31/2021 after purchase.


Module II: Advanced Legal Principles & Training in Personal Injury Law for DCs


A. Benefits & Use of PI / WC / MTUS / ACOEM | Speaker: Joel Thomas, Esq
B. Pre-litigation File Handling of Cases | Speakers: Albert Abkarian Esq & Moussa Helo Esq
C. Documentation & Record Keeping for Pre-Trial | Speakers: Albert Abkarian Esq & Moussa Helo Esq
D. Personal Injury Medical Lien Laws | Speakers: Albert Abkarian Esq & Moussa Helo Esq
E. Proper Business Structure/Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) Issues | Speaker: Kathy Nichols Esq
F. Criminal Law | Speaker: Dmitry Gurovich Esq




Joel Thomas, Esq's Profile

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Albert Abkarian, Esq's Profile

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Albert Abkarian is a senior partner at Abkarian & Associates.  He has been practicing for over 29 years and has been named as Super Lawyer by Daily Journal four years in a row.  He has been featured in Forbes,  Newsweek and Angeleno magazines as premiere lawyer.   He has handled hundreds of trials and arbitrations in California and has been a pro chiropractic advocate for years.  He was named trial lawyer of the year in 2021 by American Institute for legal professionals. 


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