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8 Ways to Get More Patients in 60 Minutes

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Chennie Sudana |  Erica Chavez |  Teresa Diep
1 Hour
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In this one-hour webinar, chiropractors will learn expert tips for marketing during uncertain times, which include:

  • Tools and top tips for online success
  • Mistakes to avoid 
  • How to get more patients

Presented by: Lien on Us




Chennie Sudana's Profile

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Business + Online Strategy


Chennie Sudana is an online marketing consultant who began her career at Google, in Advertising, Marketing, and Innovation. Since 2010, she was involved in supporting her family's restaurant business, while teaching hundreds of business owners on how to adapt in a very digital world. After recognizing that most business owners wear too many hats and need to delegate more, she started Chenchula Business & Online Strategy to provide immediate solutions to small business owners. Her approach involves offering training for individuals to manage their online marketing themselves. If they don't have the time, Chennie and her team offer solutions that are customized to the needs of each organization.

Non-known facts about Chennie:
  1. Started a non-profit for domestic violence victims in 2017 and throws fundraisers Galas every year.
  2. Was a board member of the California Restaurant Association between 2017 and 2019
  3. Regularly volunteers to teach business owners what they need to do for online success. 
  4. Takes on pro bono clients because helping business owners is her passion and hobby.
  5. Has a very silly looking dog named Oreo. Oreo gets pictures taken by random strangers almost every time she goes out. Instagram: @therealsuperoreo

Erica Chavez's Profile

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Marketing Director


Erica Chavez is an associate at BD&J and serves as the firm's Marketing Director. Erica directs media relations, branding, advertising, website development, external communications and client relationship support. She also manages and oversees sponsorships, events, charitable contributions, and marketing training for all BD&J brands.

Erica has more than 14 years experience in personal injury law. Prior to joining BD&J, she worked at a well-respected personal injury law firm where she served as the firm's general manager and manager of catastrophic injury cases. After law school, Erica was asked to found and direct the Marketing Department at BD&J.

Erica earned her Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, California. While in law school. she received several awards and recognition for her academic excellence. She received the Cali and Witkin awards for earning the top grade in her classes, served on the board of several honors societies and clubs, worked as a teaching assistant for evidence contracts and torts, and researched and edited for a professor who focused on gender equality in the legal profession. Erica continues to be involved at Southwestern, where she has served as a guest speaker and lecturer.

Teresa Diep's Profile

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Outlier Creative Agency

Born in Vietnam, raised by immigrants in Los Angeles, Teresa Diep found her drive for a tireless work ethic and her penchant for humanitarianism at a very young age. Her father was an artist and her mother balanced running the family business with managing their household. Creativity and an enterprising spirit have been part of Teresa’s DNA from the start. 

Spending many years as an accomplished event planner, Teresa conceptualized, designed and produced large upscale affairs for clients like Fox Studios, Annapurna Pictures, NASA and James Cameron, just to name a few. She followed that with a tenure as a business development manager for several startups, specializing in dynamic brand partnerships. 

Teresa continues to blaze trails today. As the marketing director of The Simon Law Group, one of the largest and most successful firms in California, her focus is on strategic growth - she is the producer of The Justice Team Podcast, the lead planner of the annual Law-Di-Gras conference, and puts her innovative stamp on all of their digital media. She is also the co-founder of Justice HQ, a high-tech shared workspace for consumer advocate attorneys, and with Outlier Creative Agency, a marketing company she founded in 2019, Teresa continues to work the same type of magic for many other up-and-coming law firms.


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