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Monthly Sustainer Contributions: CalChiro members can also sign up as a CC-PAC Sustainer and make automatic monthly credit card contributions. All monthly contributions must be at least $50 to be recognized as a sustainer. Sustainers receive the incentives detailed below.

Sustainer: jeweled sustainer lapel pin and the benefits of applicable level above.

CC-PAC Sustainers are crucial to strengthening CalChiro’s political influence. They reduce fundraising costs and continually grow CC-PAC each month, allowing CC-PAC to contribute more money to candidates. CC-PAC Sustainers are continually charged via credit card until they ask CalChiro Headquarters to be removed from the program. Members whose credit cards are not able to be processed will be contacted to update their information via email or phone call. If the contributor does not update their information, they will be removed from the Sustainer program.

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